In this page we will try to answer commonly asked question in respect to travel to Bangladesh. Please fill free to send you question.

Q. Can I get Visa on Arrival (VOA)

Yes VOA is available at Dhaka Shahjala Int. Airport and all international airport of Bangladesh.

Q. Who are eligible to get VOA?

All nationals (except a. India, b. Pakistan, c. Algeria, d. Sudan, e. Iraq &  f. Afghanistan)  are eligible to get VOA at Dhaka airport.

Q. Is the VOA difficult to get?

Not at all. It is very easy to get VOA at Dhaka airport. The booth is open 24 hours and procedure is normal. Just go the respective booth, provide your passport (No need photocopy, they will do it), Pay the fees (different fees as per Nationality) and get 4 Weeks visa stamp on your passport.

Q. What is VOA fee?

This fee is USD 51 for all nationals.

Q. Can I change my money at airport?

Yes. There are several banks those are open 24 hours. You can exchange the money from these bank.

Q. Can I get VOA at Land borders?

NO….NO…No…..You can not get VOA at any Land borders.

Q. If I overstay then what will happen?

If you overstay less that 30 days, you have to pay fine USD 3/day for first 15 days and USD 4/day for next days. But some travelers told me that at land border, the immigration officers ignored this and did not collect fine from them.

Q. Should I pay any Airport tax while leaving?

NO, you need not to pay any Airport Tax if you leave by air. But if you leave by land, you have to pay Taka 300 at land border.

Q. From Airport how can I go to main city?

You can hire a taxi or Tooktook (Locally called CNG). Such a Taxi will take Taka 600/800 and CNG 500/600 till Dhaka city. But if your luggage are not so heavy, walk 200 meters and come main road. Then find a CNG which will cost much more (Taka 300)

Q. Where can I find budget hotels?

Go to Press club or Gulistan area. You will find several budget hotels within the range of USD 5-10/night.

Q. How can I book Rocket Steamer ticket?

Only possible to book over phone. It is safer to book 15 days before the trip. The phone number is +880 955 9779 (Mr. Alauddin).

Q. What is the banking hour?

From 10 am-4 p.m. Sun-Thursday. Friday and Saturday weekly holidays.


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