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Chittagong is the 2nd largest city in Bangladesh with its largest port. It has been a port of supply for ships going to Java, Sri Lanka, and Madras since the 6th Century. Islam spread from this port and Buddhism went to Burma.

Bayazid Bostami
Bayazid BostamBayazid Bostami
The Shrine of Sultan Bayazid Bostami, where a Muslim saint was enshrined, in the middle of 9th century, is famous for a pond full of huge turtles covered with soft shell, a unique species surviving in the world, which are believed to be a reincarnation of humans.

Shitakund Shitakund
Sitakund, which is in about 37km. west of the city, is famous for the Chandranath Hindu Temple and the Buddhist Temple having a footprint of Lord Buddha. Besides,
Enthnological Museum, War Cemetery, Foy’s Lake, etc., are also worth visiting.
Ship BreakingShip Breaking
Chittagong is the gateway to the longest beach city, Cox’s Bazar and the Hill districts of Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagra-chari. All the three Hill districts are 2 & 1/2 to 3 hrs driving distances from Chittagong by road. Rangamati is 77 km. while Bandarban is 92 km and Khagrachari is 112 km from Chittagong.

Chittagong Hill Tracks(CHT)

With its perennial forest, a thrilling drive through the hilly road is quite a contrast from the other regions of Bangladesh. It will be interesting to take a boat trip on the emerald blue water of Kaptai Lake, climbing the Chimbuk hill or a hike through the deep green jugle-hill in Khagra Chari.

It will also be interesting to meet the Tribal people consisting of 14 groups of indigenous people who are Mongoloid in this region and each group having its own culture and customs. Chakma, Tripura, Mru and Taungchengya constitute the largest groups from these aboriginal people. Foreign nationals interested to visit the Hill districts, will need special permit from the District authority.

Khagrachhari is surrounded by rainforest. It is an important habitat for birds and animals. A perfect place to enjoy nature in a relaxing atmosphere.

Khagrachhari Town
Khagrachhari town is surrounded by mountains in every direction. Try delicious local natural food, which is only cooked in this hilly area. You can also try an alcoholic drink made of rice if you’re lucky. Also recommended is to walk around at “New Zealand”, a rural field.

Bandarban is 95 km from Chittagong. It is a place where the Mog tribe chief lives in. The Mog tribe is a Buddhist group who came from Myanmar. People here are simple and cheerful. Babdarban is also famous for the Morong tribe whose music and songs are famous in Bangladesh. Some other tribal groups live in this hilly area. Chimbuk is recommended to be visited as its accommodations are run well. The Tajindon mountain in this region is the tallest mountain in Bangladesh. (1300m)


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