Cultural Site

Cultural Sites
Bangladesh has two world cultural heritage sites and many Buddhist temples, mosques, and Hindu temples. The country was a Buddhist country in the ancient time .
Darabari Mosque Darabari Mosque, Chapai Nawabganj
The temple remains like Paharupuru Somapura and Moenamoti ruins show us how the country was a center of Buddhism at the time. In Putia, there are many Hindu temples, and the former king’s palaces.
Terracota Terracota of Kantaji Temple, Dinajpur
Ancient Buddha Idol in Moynamoti Ancient Buddha Idol in Moynamoti
King's Palace, Puthia, Rajshahi King’s Palace, Puthia, Rajshahi
Shiva Temple, King's Palace, Puthia, Rajshahi Shiva Temple, King’s Palace, Puthia, Rajshahi

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