Culture shock paradise
What is your image of Bangladesh? Some may not even know where it is. People go all over the world, yet this is a country rarely known to travelers. Bangladesh is full of “dulture shocks”, and turns your values upside down. Traveling in Bangladesh offers you unusual experiences of discovery.
Hindu Sadhu Hindu Sadhu
Visit Bangladesh before tourists comes!

World No.1 vigorous country
Bangladesh is definitely number one in “Gross National Energy” and its people are cheerful and curious. Watching those people lets feel again the joy and the sorrow of life. Meeting face to face with those who live tough lives makes rethink the meaning of living.
Rickshaws Rickshaws

Indian sub-continental flavour
Any people are interested in India, but India seems to be to vast and too hard to seize as a whole. Then why not try Bangladesh? As it was a part of India, Bangladesh has Indian features in a condensed form and the Bengal region is a place from where Indian cultures spread. Bangladesh is quite a small country with good access for getting around, which makes it easy to fully experience its charms. Tourists, after visiting India will feel relaxed by very pastoral atmosphere of Bangladesh.
Bengali Dancing Bengali Dancing

Don’t miss rural parts of Bangladesh. There you find music, dancing, paintings, embroideries, plays and other various folk arts that have been handed down for hundred of years. And its nature, nostalgic pastoral scenes and scent of grass lets your stressed mind relax. You may retrieve the innocence of your childhood when you see fireflies twinkling in the sky full of stars. Paddy fields turn into a sea of water the monsoon and into ripe fields in the dry season. And in the villages, children’s eyes twinkle to see a stranger and adults will welcome you to share tea and sweets. You may sometimes want to be left alone. Many, who have visited villages like to visit again.
Bengali New Year Festival Bengali New Year Festival

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