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Grameen Bank
Grameen Bank is a microfinance organization which provides credit to the poor in Bangladesh without any collateral. “Gram” means “village” or “rural” in Bengali language.
Dr. Muhammad Yunus Dr. Muhammad Yunus
In 1976 Muhammad Yunus launched a research project to examine the possibility of providing credit through banking services targeted mainly to the rural poor. In 1983 the Grameen Bank Project was transformed into an independent bank by government legislation. In 2006 the Nobel Peace Prize were awarded to Muhammad Yunus and the bank.
The Grameen Bank has grown into over twenty enterprises. Some enterprises are social business enterprises jointly ventured with foreign big companies.
A Grameen Bank Official A Grameen Bank Official
Bengal Tours can provide study tours to the Grameen Bank and the other group enterprises to know their activities. You many know something new by joining our tours.
Grameen Bank Rural Office Grameen Bank Rural Office
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BRAC is the world’s largest non-governmental development organization. Established in 1972 soon after the independence of Bangladesh, BRAC has over 7 million microfinance group members, 37,500 non-formal primary schools and more than 70,000 health volunteers. BRAC is the largest NGO by number of staff employing over 120,000 people, the majority of whom are women.
Employment through Brac Employment through Brac
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