Village, Rural Area

Don’t miss rural parts of Bangladesh. Village is what you have to visit the most in Bangladesh.
Village tea shop Village tea shop

There you find music, dancing, paintings, embroideries, plays and other various folk arts that have been handed down for hundred of years. And its nature, nostalgic pastoral scenes and scent of grass let your stressed mind relax.
You may retrieve the innocence of your childhood when you see fireflies twinkling in the sky full of stars. Paddy fields turn into a sea of water the monsoon and into ripe fields in the dry season. And in the villages, Children’s eyes twinkle to see a stranger and adults will welcome you to share tea and sweets. You may sometimes want to be left alone. Many, who have visited villages like to visit again.
Spring season in village Spring season in village
In Bangladeshi village there are people, families, houses and lives. Family is very important for Bangladeshi people. People love to spend time together in chatting and eating.
Village Cowboy Village Cowboy
Family concept in Bangladesh is different from many western countries. A family consists of not only father, mother, me, brothers and sisters but also cousins, nieces, uncles, and aunts. A Family gathers for any festival or cerebration and enjoys talking, eating and dancing.
Mustard flowers Mustard flowers

Bangladeshi people welcome a foreign guest as a family member from a foreign country. People keep feeding us until we say “We can not eat any more!”


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