“I do not thing Bangladesh is unsafe to visit. Even now, the country is much safer compared to many countries in the world”. Yatsushi Iwashita, President of P.U.S Japan (16st August 2016)

61_5627_0Tourism in Bangladesh, which hitherto failed to get appropriate government support, yet moved ahead and stayed alive, is fighting for its survival, being engulfed in crisis, due to negative image. Action to manage the crisis is yet to come_ not even in sight.¬†Albeit private sector is the prime mover of country’s tourism, to counter the prevailing negative situation, is beyond its responsibility and capability. It is the responsibility of the government and for that matter, Bangladesh Tourism Board-the concerned government agency, to do something to, keep the flow of visitors coming by removing misgivings about safety in the source market. Unfortunately, in the total absence of appropriate body for crisis management, action taken in this regard, this far is zero. There is even no indication that some action in this regard, is going to be taken soon. It is not even in the thinking. Holding the hands of private sector, tourism in Bangladesh-leisure and holiday tourism in particular-was gaining good ground until 2012. ¬†But in the following tourist seasons, the progress in this regard was marred, first by political unrest and then by terrorist attacks. When the industry was on the way to recover from damage due to political turmoil, terrorist attacks hit the industry. Of the three terrorist attacks, the first two involved individual expatriates and the third and last one was attack of different nature, politically motivated and involving large group. However, there was no attack on tourist, and locations were not public place. Read more details in news paper